My name is Heinz Robert
and I am


with many more other skills.

We designers don’t get hired to make pretty things or win design awards. We get hired to solve business problems.

James Bradely

First of all:
I don’t sell websites.

I am interested in honest and sincere relationships.

The relationship between you and me, and the relationship you want to have with your clients. My job is to help you build and strengthen a relationship with your clients.

If you are interested in this, I am a reliable partner.

Since 2008 I am creating and maintaining websites for my clients with the content management system (CMS) WordPress, which is very easy to use for end users. WordPress is a web software that can be used to implement modern internet presences such as websites, blogs or online shops. WordPress is licence-free software that can be used free of charge and to whose quality everyone can contribute (OpenSource).

It is important to me that you, as the end user, can edit the content of your site independently without having to call on my help again and again. After an introduction of about one hour, you will have a basic understanding of how it works. After that, I will take care of the site for a flat service fee, so that the CMS, theme and plugins always remain state-of-the-art.

I can offer you a simple website from 770€ (DKK 5700), including WordPress installation on your existing hosting, or ordering a new web-hosting. This installation has a simple, pre-made design, and is ready for you to add your own content.

For more customised websites and larger jobs, such as webshops, platforms with member access, etc., I am charging €110 (DKK 820) per hour, or a flat rate depending on the project. In many cases, a site is ready for publication in about 30-40 hours, depending on the effort and complexity.

Design & concepts for print, screen & space

You will rarely find a uniform line with me, as I base the design on the philosophy and goal of the project or the task at hand. Every product is as individual as your customers.

My strengths in the field of design are the ability to think myself into the position of the client, to keep a broad perspective on the situation and the quick implementation of initial ideas. When a customer explains their idea to me, I already see images in front of me that, after translation onto paper or screen, are often the same as those of the customer.

Heinz Robert

Since 1994 I have been working in various fields of the communication industry, such as classic advertising, marketing, visual merchandising, trade fair construction and shop design, although since 2000 my field of activity in this field has been limited to graphic design for print and the web. I learned my craft in evening courses at the Advertising Academy of the Institute of Economic Development in Vienna and from various mentors on the job. In Zurich, where I lived for 13 years before moving to Denmark, I worked as a freelancer for the agencies Gothuey & Partner, Paroli AG, Market Media, as well as Amakom and KplusH. The latter two together with HPStutz Management und NCBI-Schweiz are still satisfied customers. In addition, I look after smaller customers in Switzerland and Germany, some of them for many years.

If you are interested in an offer for your graphics and website project, please send me a request by e-mail to: